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Chapter 4 …The Beginning of Communication …...140616

<< Ubiquitous Network Society,    Following the previous >>  dated back to 1992

      Her ex-husband, Shuichi Motomiya was an elite salary man for the securities company and studied abroad in the USA, to get an MBA, after he married Kyoko.

      During his study abroad, Kyoko and little Saori also stayed in the USA  for about two years.

      After coming back to Japan, the family wanted to have their own home.   Shuichi looked for one and found it in the ‘M Condominium Village’.   Though the new town struck Kyoko as incongruous because she was brought up in the countryside, she agreed with him. And they decided to buy a condominium and live in it.

     It was a love-marriage, but Kyoko disliked Shuichi from the start,  even just before marriage.   Kyoko had always wanted to be a virgin until the marriage for a long time.

     One day, Shuichi ‘came on’ to her and managed to seduce her.

   “We are going to get married, so we shouldn’t mind having sex.   Many other young women do so,” said Shuichi.

     Then he had pre-marital sex with her.  However, close to the day of their  marriage ceremony, coming and bringing his mother, he verbally abused her with insults.

   “My mother told me you were a slut because you had pre-marital sex,”Shuichi insulted her, 

   “You are a slut!”

      Furthermore, he complained,

     “You won’t bring me any dowry.  Your parents are so poor. I take you in marriage with bad grace.”

      Kyoko realized that her marriage was a mistake just before the ceremony.   However, she stuck to her social appearance and the sense of losing her virginity. She did marry him as they had planned.

      After their marriage, Shuichi kept insulting her. Kyoko tried to control her anger toward him and go on with their married life.  He supported her fully and she had no life privation, so she tried to love him.

      She said to herself, 'I have to love him. I have to be a devoted wife for him.’

     She did, what is called, the duty of a wife for her husband, for him.

      Hoping to improve their conjugal relations and eager to have a baby sincerely, she had a baby. It was Saori.

      However, in spite of having a baby, their marriage relationship seemed never to be improved and it was still so bad that they were always quarreling with each other, almost everyday.

      When they quarreled, Shuichi often called his mother to visit their home. He consulted with his mother on whether he would decide to divorce or keep their marriage intact.

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