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Chapter 4 …The Beginning of Communication …140621

<< Ubiquitous Network Society,    Following the previous >>  dated back to 1992

     In addition to the situation so far, because of the floor plan to keep each family member’s privacy, Kyoko was at a distance from her husband as far as possible, and her feeling of desire to separate away from Shuichi was stronger and stronger day by day.

     It had been three years that they lived in ‘M Condominiums Village’. The family was in absolute separation in the home. A form of divorce which she got from City Hall was available any time and, of course, shuichi also knew it.    A family filled with ambivalence and on the verge of collapsing was upon the stage.

     On the other hand, ‘M condominium Village’ was being changed as planned and its new town was gradually being created.   Lined with a new commercial facility around there, there was a sports center as well.   As if the city phenomena were symbolized there, each family enjoyed their city life in the suburbs.
       During the daytime on weekdays, most men there, so-called master of a house, poured out to their offices that were in the city center of Tokyo taking about one hour by train, and the population decreased dramatically in the community.
     There became to be the housewives world because of absence of men.   After sending off husbands to companies and children to schools, some housewives went to their part time job, the others going to PTA meetings or culture lessons like flower arrangement, tea ceremony so on.   Furthermore there were also women wearing colorful fancy costumes to go to swimming, aerobics, and fitness gym, who showed their active and cheerful bodies.
     In the evening, the men came back from their offices to their home and the population was back to as it was again.

     It was being built steadily and becoming a swanky new residential area.

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