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Chapter 4 …The Beginning of Communication …140625

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     Not the barrier of the real world but the pale longing in slumber might have prevented them from realizing their marriage.     They could not marry due to her consideration and various passing.

     She tried to forget the past about him and hurried herself into marriage with Shuichi, who she encountered in the company after her leaving university.
     Kyoko heard of Isshiki :
     After breaking up with her unsatisfied, he went back to the university to get his Master and PhD, which she had recommended for him to do, and then went abroad, to the US.     Returned to Japan, he entered R Ltd., which is one of the biggest Information Technology companies in Japan.

     Kyoko was surprised to hear that Saori had met him, Isshiki.

“Where did you see him?” asked Kyoko.

“I met him across from this building. Over there, Building No. four,” said Saori pointing across to the building. She continued,

“Aita and his friends were with me. As Aita’s father is working at the same company as Mr.Isshiki, they are acquainted with each other. He also wants to help you with your divorce. ” 

      Aita was a boy and one of Saori’s classmates.     He was tough and protected her from the bullies, whose leader was a girl, so she relied on him.

     It was going to have been more than ten years since Kyoko separated from him at her third year of university, but the sudden appearance of Isshiki was unexpected for her.     Those days, she heard about him from Saori, who talked with her father Shuichi almost every day in his room.

     Saori conveyed Kyoko that Shuichi often talked about Isshiki.

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 Ubiquitous Network Society


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