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      In fact she did at one time.   She worked for a life insurance company, which she found on the recruitment information of an unemployment office, but it was so unsuitable for her that she could not last long in it.

     At most she worked there for one year.   Though, she was admired by relatives who knew her well.

     In this way, after searching at the unemployment office, she went through to work at different works.

     Of all those jobs, she has lasted the longest in the area of education, teaching.   Remembering that she didn’t like it when she was young in spite of getting a teaching certificate, she thinks it must be the most suitable work for her.

     Yet she also knows she won’t be able to continue at it because the population of children and students is decreasing.   She knows it will be a dead-end future for her. 

     She worked at her elder sister's pharmacy until three years ago. She was entrusted with a clerical job.    The pharmacy was small but its management was quite stable.    There were a few pharmacies in the town and the separation of pharmacies from clinics was introduced in Akita .   The pharmacy's main function was to fill prescriptions given by doctors for patients.  Considering the scale, a lot of patients came to her sister's pharmacy and it was very busy. Kyoko managed employees and did accounting in a small office.    She was in an executive position at the small company.   She worked alone and was closed from the outside.   If it can be said more extremely, she was blocked.

     Three years ago Kyoko quit her sister's pharmacy.   The reason why she did so was that she was eager to be released, to get freedom from her sister who was also her boss, to stop the continuous quarrels between her and her sister whose causes were trivial or serious, including the problem of Saori who became ill. Finally, to be away from the restricted position imposed by her sister.

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