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Chapter 6 ……Shadow and Reality…… 20140811

<<Ubiquitous Network Society, Following  the previous>>

-----In Kyoko’s Mind… Monologue 2___

      I heard from Saori that after postgraduate work he had studied abroad in the United States for a few years.
      What persons did he meet in America?
      I have been to America as well.
      Then, I heard from some Americans around me that smokers had been decreasing there because smoking was unhealthy.
      I wonder why he hadn’t been affected by such persons. .

      Next, she got angry with a knowing look unconcealed.   She felt that she was looked down upon for her plans after the divorce.   Maybe it isn’t right for me with a university background to be in these situations.
      Though she knew herself well about her abilities and nature, circumstances, social status, she was offended by a this man leaving some time ago, with his words and attitudes.

____ In Kyoko’s Mind… Monologue 3______

      I wonder if he has been what he is since he was young.   
      Is it the reason of my feeling him nasty only that I didn’t know him well?

      It was sure that she didn’t know him well, however, she thought that his height, his spirit of self-respect, which had been instinctively felt, must have been lost.

      How has he spent his life so far?

……She saw a person with a life distorted what he had before and now filled with squalor.


      On the other hand, she recognized that the shadow appearing on the top of No.4 building in a late autumn evening was the same man as what he had used to be.   It was certain that the shadow looked like something memorized by the flash of the first meeting, which she had been attracted to and which she had loved.
      She saw not only a figure or a shape but also the ‘unchanged’ in a shadow.   That was why she was sure that Saori had communicated with Isshiki..

      Which on earth was true, a distant view of a shadow or a man facing her?
     There was no doubt. She believed that the distant view of a shadow was the true Isshiki.

      All were still within the gray zone, unable to be denied.

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 Ubiquitous Network Society


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Now, the sequel of 'Ubiquitous network Society' is being written in Japanese, 
Is it 'Nanotechnology'?   Is there ' The manual of  monitoring program'?