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Chapter 7....Secret Laboratory Base… 20140914

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“Really? Is it true?”

“Mom, it’s true,” Saori said earnestly.   

       She looked serious, never telling a lie.   Kyoko could not think of what Saori conveyed to her as a fiction made by her.   Kyoko could not regard it as that Saori played a hoax on her.   About the story in the undergraduate days of Isshiki & Kyoko and their feelings for each other, Saori didn’t know all things but Isshiki did.   Only he knew them.
       ‘In fact, of course it’s a reality.’ Thinking so, Kyoko believed it, though she felt it breakable like thin ice.

“He asked you, you must help and cooperate with this program for him.
Everyone else doesn't want to. He asked you that as he would never see your act incorrectly, help him please,” said Saori.

“Hmm,… OK.”

       Kyoko hesitated momentarily but accepted his request because of her thinking that it was for the sake of his study to develop technology.   She loved him with all her heart .

“Mom, this time's machine seems to be just different from before.   It's very small, so tiny,” said Saori.

“Well, I guessed it.   What’s he doing? “ asked Kyoko.

“He’s been developing something so tiny to apprehend or surveil.   It seems to be possible for even spies to use them.   And he’s been developing the liquid crystal,” said Saori.

“Liquid crystal?   Is it used with monitors of computers?”

“Yes.   So he said that he makes one of his rooms cold like a refrigeator, and very cold,”  Saori said.

       Saori often explained Isshiki's work frankly and openly like that above.   Kyoko heard her and <I see> nodded in the affirmative, thinking <this is his work >, though the truth remained unknown to her.

“Really? Hmmm.”   

       Kyoko replied to Saori looking around her own room again.   There was nothing changed even a bit, which made her feel composed rather than uncanny.

       On the contrary, she became increasingly satisfied with a man who she loved and was developing something invisible to the naked eye and unrecognized by appearance, which was cutting-edge technology, furthermore which made her even feel happy.

“He said, he’ll surely come and get you, believe him, Don’t worry, Mom,” said Saori.

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 Ubiquitous Network Society
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Now, the sequel of 'Ubiquitous network Society' is being written in Japanese, 
Is it 'Nanotechnology'?   Is there ' The manual of  monitoring program'?