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Premium Introduction of ’Ubiquitous Network Society’ 20140926

<<Premium Introduction of  ’Ubiquitous Network Society’>>

This is the English version of
'Ubiquitous Network Society' which is an original work written in the Japanese language.

The theme of this story, ' Ubiquitous Network Society' suggests how human nature has been affected by the rapid development of science and technology.

I think of this novel "Ubiquitous Network Society" as the Intelligence Novel.


The story started on September 1st, 2008.

 Kyoko is pensively sitting in her room with her daughter Saori. She continues to suffer from a long, drawn-out destiny that involved helping Isshiki, an older student from her university days. He now works for one of the biggest Information Technology companies in Japan.   

Kyoko`s suffering started back to 16 years ago, when Isshiki mysteriously appeared in front of her again.   Then, over ten years had passed since she last saw him in her university days.   Her agony has lasted for a long time and it has not been solved, yet.

 In particular, it has been so serious that she has felt as if she had been in hell since her daughter Saori got disease which can't be recovered from.

 Isshiki's sudden disappearance from them brought the momentum of her disease.

 Wishing to solve her problem, Kyoko asks Saori to send an e-mail to Isshiki because Saori gets as well as she can understand their problem. 

 Saori only gets better not recovered.

 In this way, the secret thing kept in Saori's consciousness is being released.

 From 1992 to 1998, when Saori was 11 years old to about 17 years old, they helped Isshiki with his program for developing the cutting-edge technology relating to not only IT but also Nano technology used by even spies to apprehend and surveil it. 

Those days, Kyoko didn't know them at all.    She didn't have any knowledge about Science Technology and she didn't have even any computers.    Of course, she couldn't use them.   To cooperate with Isshiki's or his company's or some party's program and to communicate with them, mainly, the altered game machines and TV were used between Saori and them.

While Saori was communicating with them, Kyoko tried to divorce from her husband.

 But, suddenly, Isshiki and his party disappeared  from Kyoko-Saori after Kyoko divorced from her husband just then.......though Isshiki absolutely promised with Kyoko to get married.

 Kyoko and Saori were so shocked but Kyoko kept believing and waiting for Isshiki.

However, he didn't come to her.   Kyoko let Saori look for him when Saori went to Tokyo to go to University, which Saori felt very heavy.    It was such a heavy burden for Saori because she felt that Isshiki escaped from them.   
Finally, Saori got disease.......

In Chapter 12, Kyoko and Saori get the reply e-mail from Isshiki.  
He denies all in his e-mail.   In fact, his negation is just on third times.   Before sending an e-mail to him from Saori, Kyoko has  asked him twice about what happened to them.

 He usually said,  "I'm innocent. It's new to me."   He repeated it third times.

      How mysterious it is!

      Kyoko decides to make her experience into a novel.

<Main Character > 

Kyoko : A general citizen.  A woman.

Saori: Kyoko’s daughter. When she was 11 years old, Isshiki approached her.

Isshiki : A man, he works for one of the biggest IT company as an engineer in Japan and his profession is to develop IT. However, at the end of the story, Kyoko comes to know that he is a leading expert in Nano Technology.


◯   Under some circumstances, ’Ubiquitous Network Society’ has been released in a calm way on the WEB.
Owing to it or because some forces may prevent this novel from spreading over, the mystery has not been solved, yet.

Friends, everyone, please read and keep reading and give me power to solve it.

                                                 Rika Inami  稲美 里佳

©copyright +Rika Inami 稲美 里佳


I posted the following creator site.エブリスタ which is one of the biggest creator site in Japan.

Now, the sequel of 'Ubiquitous network Society' is being written in Japanese, 
Is it 'Nanotechnology'?   Is there ' The manual of  monitoring program'?