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Chapter 8......Divorce Court 20141011

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        However, Shuichi didn’t leave the court system.   He appealed to the Supreme Court raising the question of Saori’s parental authority.   Thus the trials trailed on for a long time.

        Kyoko thought that Shuichi was harassing her.   His words of that time were stuck in her ears.

       ““Damn! Bastard! Where in hell did he go?”“

          It was said when Shuichi came home at midnight.

--------Kyoko’s monologue-------

       On his statement to the second court, he wrote the association about Kyoko and Isshiki during their school days.   Wasn't the intention of his statement that she continues to keep contact with him even now?
      Though Shuichi must have made full use of the research agency, he could not produce the evidence that she yet keeps contact with him now .   So, has he been showing harassing behavior and prolonged the court activities?
         And in the next trial, will he want to bring a suit for consolation money against Kyoko.

       Thus Shuichi must have filed in the Supreme Court making his excuse of Sairi for parental rights.

       In the Supreme Court where located in Tokyo, the problem was concentrated on parent right.
To solve this, Lord Chief Justice made Saori come to Tokyo and he directly met Saori, asking her whom she chose to have parental rights, Kyoko or Shuichi.   Saori chose Kyoko.

     The court made an arrangement that first Saori met Lord Chief Justice, and then she met her father Shuichi.   But Sairi could not see her father Shuichi because he didn't come there that day.

      In this way, five judges at Supreme Court reached an agreement, and they gave the final decision. The judgment was that Shuichi and Kyoko should divorce, and Kyoko should have parental custody of Saoir, Shuichi should provide the child support until her Twentieth birthday

      At that time, it was March 1998(Heisei10).
     It was about four and one half years since Kyoko had been separated from Shuichi.    It was about two and half years since she had filed for the divorce.

Saori was going to be in her second years at the local high school.

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