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Chapter 8......Divorce Court 20141019

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……6……   The messages during divorce trials 2

     “Mom, he insisted that he wanted you to buy it for him,” said Saori.

     “I can’t. It’s very expensive. I don’t have any money for it,” said Kyoko as if brushing aside Saori's voice.

     “But he asked you again and again, please buy it.”

     “Do you want me to buy it for yourself to play?” asked Kyoko.

     “Never, San wants to study for the communication with the newest game machine,” explained Saori.

     “But….it’s expensive. Doesn’t it cost about 35,000yen or 36,000yen?”

     “Yeah, he said, you’ll be able to get it cheaper at Akihabara in Tokyo.”

      After begged to buy the game machine, when she went to Tokyo for a trial of the high court, she bought it at Akihabara, whose size was exactly about the main unit of desktop PC.

      Kyoko came home from Tokyo.

     “Well, I bought it for him. It was quite heavy. How do you use it?” asked Kyoko.

     “Yeah, to do it, I’ll put a CD into it and then connect it with the TV,” answered Saori. “I can’t show you how to use it,” said Saori and left for her own room as usual.

     One year later, C, Ltd. which was one of the biggest game companies in Japan sold the new game machine which was able to chat while playing games.
However Kyoko didn’t know it at that time.
She knew it much later.


      During the divorce trials, Kyoko’s father died because of an acute myocardial infarction.
      He had been worried about Kyoko and Saori, so he had advised Kyoko to do something for her life.

      One day, he said that she might have be a successor as the family. Another day, he had advised her to pursuit a different business from her sister.   And, every time her father had advised, she had consulted Isshiki whether she had accepted her father advice or not.

      Isshiki’s answer was the following:

     ‘You should not accept your father’s advice because we’ll marriage after your divorce.   Once if you accept him, you won’t be responsible for your new business or your family.’

      Constantly feeling worried about that she didn’t meet him actually, she was completely obsessed with the idea that she would marry him after the divorce.

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