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Chapter 9......After The Divorce......20141108

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      Kyoko called his parents' house in Tokyo, whose phone number she had known since her school days. About his parents, Kyoko got a message before through Saori that they had also changed their living place but they had not changed their phone number.

      He was not home but his mother who had been come up during their comversations answered phone. She dealt with Kyoko's phone call in a businesslike manner.    She called his parents' after the next day.    He was never home.    She called his parents' for three days.

      A weekly later, Kyoko connected with Isshiki.    
      His mother seemed persuade him to answer Kyoko's phone.    Anyway, he was a senior in her school days, so she greeted him as a formality.    He answered her abruptly.   Such was his attitude seeing to be unnatural and even odd for her.   He looked like a whole different person. His voice changed like crushed.   But he must be him.

      Kyoko repeated the story when she met at the coffee shop in Takadanobana, Tokyo.

     “You must have kept contact with mu daughter with the altered game machines. You know what I'm talking about, don't you? “ said Kyoko.

     “No, I don't. Never . It's the first I'm heard of it.    I've never seen you daughter, “ said Isshiki.

     <What ! > Kyoko thought.

      When she was about to tell him that 'I could have talked to him about it before,'

     “It must be a case of mistaken identity, “ he denied without a moment's hesitation. he kept talking.

      “I'll send you my photo. seeing it, yu can understand you have the wrong person at once.“

      “My daughter said to me that you had been transferred here and she had seen you around here. You know what I'm talking about, don't you? “ asked Kyoko. She tried to calm down.

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 Ubiquitous Network Society
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Now, the sequel of 'Ubiquitous network Society' is being written in Japanese, 
Is it 'Nanotechnology'?   Is there ' The manual of  monitoring program'?