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Chapter 10......After That......20150209

<<Ubiquitous Network Society, Following  the previous>>

----------Conversation between Kyoko and Saori---------

      When Saori came back during the winter vacation, Kyoko and Saori talked about Saori’s course after graduation.

“I want to go to graduate school.   Reading my novel, Mr. O advised me to enter it.   When I write novels, I study hard with reading a lot of books.   So he seemed to advise me to do it,” said Saori.

“I have no money to pay for your graduate school.
I saved all the expense of bringing you up , which your father sent me.   But, with it,    I have managed to pay the undergraduate tuition for you.    To be a writer, you don’t need to attend classes.
Your experiences through your real life and writing based on them will make you a writer.
You don’t need,”

      Kyoko said so, which was her thought about the writer.

 “Anyway, I want to do postgraduate studies.   I want to study more.   I want to study history and ideology, philosophy more and deeper to write much better novels.    I want to write stories with rich and superior content in quality.   For it, only the real experiences are not enough, Mr. O said so, too”

“I can’t afford to help you enter a graduate school.    Why don’t go to your father and ask him to help you with it,” said Kyoko.

“I can’t,” said Saori shaking her head.


“I can’t do for my soul,” answered Saori.

      Saori had never heard from her father since her parents’
divorce.  Though her father Shuichi persisted in the custody of
Saori from the divorce court to Supreme Court, he never tried to
get in touch with Saori after it. He didn’t send Saori even
one piece of postcard saying that he wanted to see her. Whenever
Kyoko got the child support for Saori sent by Shuichi, she sent a
<Thank you Note>.    When Saori entered university, Kyoko sent
pictures of Saori taken at school gate on the day of the entrance
ceremony.   Yet he never did respond to them.

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 Ubiquitous Network Society
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I posted the following creator site.エブリスタ which is one of the biggest creator site in Japan.

Now, the sequel of 'Ubiquitous network Society' is being written in Japanese, 
Is it 'Nanotechnology'?   Is there ' The manual of  monitoring program'?